Texas Heat-8

Green Reaper HOT


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****Warning – this salsa verde is made with Bhut Jolokia (ghost) peppers. Until recently these were the hottest peppers on the planet. This is not for your average salsa lover.   This is for a real heat addict only.   It is hot with even the smallest taste.   Do not get this in your eyes and if you do wash them with liberal amounts of cool water.   Wash your hands after any contact with this salsa.

This is a specialty green sauce for real heat addicts only.  This is made in very small batches wearing surgical gloves.  The heat is a product of jalapenos, onions, black pepper, Thai chili pepper and ghost pepper.  It has a tomatillo base with cilantro, filtered water, olive oil, lime juice, salt and a hint of sugar.   If you can take the heat (and most people can not) then you will be thrilled with this one.


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