paypal-horizontalShipping is so expensive (I wish I had a better solution), so it makes sense to order multiple products.  It costs about $20 to ship a whole case just about anywhere in Canada and it costs about $50 to ship a whole case to the U.S.  What we can do is fill your order and ship it.  If there is a difference in the shipping in your favor I will refund it back.  If it is more expensive, I will cover it.  Also, when it is really cold here in Canada (-20ish) shipping is not advised.  Paypal is not currently a viable option to pay.  Please send me an email from the contact page and we can sort it out that way.  I would put my email address here to make it easy, but then I will get dozens of SPAM messages everyday and I just don’t want to deal with it.  Sorry about that. 

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