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The Story of Texas Heat by Leona P.

Scott and Anne are just about the nicest people you could ever meet. They relocated from Texas to Ottawa in 2009 because Scott had accepted a position at the local children’s hospital. They quickly made many friends in Canada. The couple’s friendly, generous natures and open-minded personalities make them irresistibly charming and just plain fun to hang out with. Family is everything to this couple and good friends quickly become family. Their home is a welcoming one, filled with love, laughter and good food. Like their home, their business welcomes anyone who wishes to lend a helping hand. It is a source of pride to the people who care about them to be a part of making their venture a success.

When Scott was faced with a turning point in his career, he cooked salsa for his friends and family. It was so delicious and unlike anything his friends had ever tasted, he was encouraged to take his product to the Canadian market. The couple’s friends pitched in to help in any way they could, from assisting in the design of the labels for his jars, to text translations, website design and writing content (like this piece), turning a pastime (he learned to cook as a single father for 10 years) into a thriving business that supports the community through donations to the needy and locally sourced fresh ingredients.

Texas Heat products are fresh, homemade and of the highest quality. They are made with love and intentionally charged with health, hope and healing.  It took less than one year for the foods to start popping up in stores and restaurants in the city of Ottawa. You can also find them in selected farmer’s markets in the Ottawa region.  And now, through this website, anyone can have The Best Salsa in the Universe.”

Leona P.

Note from Scott and Anne.

Many of our friends and family have graciously and generously contributed of their time and expertise to this effort in myriad ways. Without their efforts, this would not have been possible and we hold them in the highest esteem.  Thank you Brent @ tribestudio.ca, Christian, Rogers, David Dees @ deesillustration.com, Chris M. & Ben at the Sandy Hill Lounge and Grill http://sandyhillloungeandgrill.com/, Jason, Leona, Sean, John, Phil, Steve, Sandra, Allison and Max, Max S., Glen, Ralph and Jordan at Deb’s Valley Foods, Rod, JoAnne, Tyler and Karen @ www.facebook.com/theonesyoulovedmusic , Jake, John, Anna,  Rosie, Chris H., Maggie and Rome, Ayoub’s, Pete’s Gluten Free, and our folks back in Texas.  Finally, we love bartering for things.  After all, salsa is better than money.

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